Why ContactsCube?

  • We had issues with our contacts living in different universes, from CRM’s to Surveys to Mailing Lists to Automation tools to Social CRMs with this information was not tightly coupled and we had to jump from one tool to another to see a complete picture. We researched and found that there were not many tools which could do this. The ones that could achived were costing us a fortune!
  • Amazingly rich feature set. Your business revolves around your contacts and so does our tool. We take contacts so seriously we named our tool after it!
  • Most affordable pricing –  Our users love our pricing they fight with us for long term contracts!
  • No Commitments – We are so confident you will love our tool. Unlike others we will not lock you in any long term contracts!  
  • Support – Can’t beat our on call developer support. Just pick up the phone and of our core developers will be there to help you out!
  • Most times we do customizations for our users for no cost.